Zone in on Community.

Get to know other like-minded members by joining our small group classes. These are designed by our head trainers to specifically deliver engaging work outs that efficiently target common goals. Whether it is to tone up, lift heavier or lose weight, we have the perfect class for you. 

BODY WORX- 45min

An abdominal focused circuit designed to make you sweat, feel good and work towards that six pack. Difficulty: Medium


A hard hitting boxing circuit accompanied by lots of lean muscle building exercises organised into split cuicuts. Difficulty: Hard 

PUMP IT- 45min

Machine and weight based circuit work with functional exercises focusing on full body. Perfect for beginners! Difficulty: Easy

 HEART RACE- 30min

Cardio based, it is focused on getting your heart pumping, mainly using treadmills and bikes. Difficulty: Medium/Hard

LYFT- 60min

Pump up your weights with a muscle building class to have you lifting heavier than you ever have before. Difficulty: Medium/Hard

XPLODE HIIT- 20-25min 

High intensity interval training, a fast paced, fast tracked circuit that will get you moving just as fast. Difficulty: Easy/Medium