Smash Your Goals with Personal Training

Haven’t been to the gym in ages? Do you need help to improve on your workout technique? Do you want to get the most out of your workout? There are many reasons that our members opt for personal training sessions. Please read below to find out about our great personal training packages. 

Workout with dumbbell for fitness

Small Group Training

In our small groups training, you will be training with fewer than six people in each session. You will find these sessions will:

  • Provide a highly motivating team environment
  • Focus on fitness levels
  • Give you the personalised attention and additional support
  • Focus on results during your session and after it
  • Push you hard for 40 minutes in a comfortable team environment
  • Be an efficient use of your time in the gym
Fitness exercise with dumbbell by ZFT Gym

Team Training

At ZFT Gym, our team training sessions offer variety to keep you interested and challenged. Features of these sessions are:

  • Fun, motivating and encouraging environment
  • Guaranteed high intensity, face pace sessions to keep you moving
  • A good change to train with friends or family members
  • A social group that helps you to meet like-minded individuals
Trainer guiding client with fitness exercise

One-on-One Training

Our one-on-one training sessions will be sure that you maximise every second you spend in the gym by:

  • Making sure the training session is focused entirely on you and your goals.
  • Gain additional access to coaching techniques
  • Push yourself with a dedicated trainer motivating you.
  • Sessions planned and adapted according to your needs.
  • Matching you to a qualified personal trainer. 

Come and see us at ZFT Gym today and achieve all your fitness goals!